Image of SBTG x FIN 'Upcycled' Tool bag 2

SBTG x FIN 'Upcycled' Tool bag 2

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In the SBTG Studio, our work tables are lined with a specific heavy duty canvas. We paint / print / stencil on them every monday to friday, leaving traces of all the projects that we have worked on for clients all over the world.
And in every few months, we would decide that the canvas is ready to be 'Upcycled'. We would then send them to our friends at FIN to make them into Tool Bags.
Each piece of canvas is only enough to make 3 Tool bags. Every bag bears the soul and stains of multiple projects and is 1 of a kind.

Made with Heavy Duty Canvas
Olive Drab
Black leather straps , 1 inner pocket.
Featuring SBTG Flight Leather patch / Blank name tag
Vintage U.S Army patches

Fits 3 sneaker boxes.

FIN Bags Save Lives

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